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Did you know you can send a text (SMS) message to 9-1-1 in Sumner County.  Follow the tips below to learn when texting is appropriate and how to send a text message to 9-1-1.

When Is It Appropriate?

Text-2-911 Guidelines

When Is Texting Appropriate?
Text-2-911 Guielines

Some situations when Text-to-911 is appropriate include, but are not limited to;

  • Deaf, hard of hearing callers, or individuals with a speech disability

  • A caller who is unable to speak due to a medical or other condition

  • Emergency situations that would put the caller in danger if making a voice call (examples include abductions, domestic  violence, active shooter situations, etc)

  • Text-to-911 requires an active telephone service plan with data or it will not work

  • Texting should be done using your wireless phone's text messaging service and not from a third party texting application

  • Texting can be done by entering "911" in the field for a phone number

  • Provide your exact address or location

  • Explaine the type of emergency or help that is being requested

  • Be prepared to answer questions the dispatch might text back

  • Use plain language; do not use abbreviations, symbols, emoticons, or other jargon

  • Messages should be brief, but concise

Educational Videos

Text-2-911 Video
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